View Full Version : useful tool to improve administrative efficiency on SGHA annex A

10-05-2011, 09:03 PM
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It looks like we all spend numerous hours checking items of Annex A.

So I dreamt of
- generating automatically a condensed list of service of Annex A from a tick box list..
- easily sharing SGHA Annex A services with Operational managers, suppliers..

Came out with an VBA Excel based solution after long winter evenings ... and happy to share with the SGHA community for the common good

Please note that this tool is most useful for ground handling contract managers who can reliably and quickly generates condensed lists of services, while using the template as communication tool with operational managers.

However Airlines procurement dpt mostly need to compare automatically different lists of services. For this to happen, you would need all handling agents to conform to a "condensing standard". However there is no such thing, and IATA seems not interested to take any leadership on this.
For this reason, I felt necessary to spread the AHM810tool in the market to make life easier for handlers who would use it for their own administrative efficiency. Then in due time the condensing standard of the tool would prevail, and allow for automated comparison of different offers....