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    Overcarried shipments on Transit movements

    Some problems have been noticed by our members in regard to overcarried cargo on NCTS movements.
    German Customs did not accept overcarried shipments in the unloading remarks of the NCTS system and considered all the overcarried shipments as cargo in free circulation of the EU.

    This procedure from German Customs resulted in many customs depts .

    Since the beginning of November 2010 the German Customs have revised their instructions and now overcarried cargo can be reported in the NCTS system.

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    How to handle overcarrier shipment on T1 MRN

    refference is made to encosed transit URL manual page 225
    the procedure for iregularities on transit declarations.

    It explains that also an excess should be registered and that based on this administrative procedure it is up to the office of departure to judge the facts and determine the appropiate measures to take.

    If you are unable to present the cargo at the office of departure then in accordance to art 62 of the Customs Code are not allowed to declare this shipment at customs. Overcarried shipments on T1 must be report as a irregularit in the NCTS system.

    4.4.2. Other irregularities
    The office of destination shall insert an endorsement on
    the irregularity that it has found in order to inform the
    office of departure. The office of departure shall judge
    by the facts presented and determine the appropriate
    measures to take.
    The following situations should be distinguished:
    1. At the office of destination a difference may be
    found between the goods listed on the transit
    document and the goods that are actually presented
    at the office of destination.

    The office of destination shall:
    • register the transit declaration;
    • insert in box I of copies no 4 and 5 SAD of the transit document after .remarks.:
    the endorsement .

    - excess : ....................................
    -shortage :..................................
    description of goods :...
    tariff classification:.....;
    ● Return copy no. 5 of the SAD to the country of departure through the normal
    Annex 8.5 contains the endorsement .differences:. in the official language versions.

    link to : transit manual

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