“AEO and CTPAT – Mutual Recognition Agreed - operational from June 2012

On 29 November 2011 the EU and the US strengthened transatlantic economic ties through a number of new initiatives. One of these was an agreement to facilitate each others customs procedures.

At the Transatlantic Economic Council, the EU and the US agreed to mutually recognise each others secure traders programmes. The EU's AEO programme and its US equivalent the CTPAT programme allow security certified operators to benefit from quicker and simpler customs procedures.

This mutual recognition decision will bring huge benefits for certified businesses and traders, when it will become operational in June 2012 in terms of reduced costs and time delays, less red tape, greater ease and predictability in the movement of their goods, and new trade opportunities. It will also allow customs on both sides of the Atlantic to focus their resources on real risks, thereby ensuring greater supply chain security."
(Source: European Commission)