Veelgebruikte Codes bij Sita ( telex berichten )


ACI Air Cargo, Inc
ACL Allowable Cabin Load
ACR Air Cargo Resource, Inc.
AEV Articles of Extraordinary Value
ALLOT Allotment
AMF Airport Mail Facility
AOG Aircraft on Ground
ARNK arrival unkown
AS Flight open for automatic selling
ATA Air Transport Association of America
ATPCO Airline Tariff Publishing Company
AVI Live animal Live animal
AWB Air Waybill
BIG Outsized Outsized
CAB Civil Aeronautics Board (Defunct)
CAO Cargo Aircraft only
CBA Cargo boarding advisory
CC Charges collect
CCA Charges correction advise
CCHA Change charges
CCNA Change consignee's name and/or address to read
CCTP Change collect to prepaid
CFM Confirm
CHG Change
CHTR Charter
CIF Cost Insurance and Freight
CM Centimeters
CNEE Consignee
CNTNR Container
COD Collect on Delivery
COMAT Company-Owned Material
COMD Commodity
CONX Connection
CTC Contact
CUFT Cubic feet
CUMT Cubic meter
CWT Hundredweight
DAPO Do all possible
DGI Dangerous Goods International
DIP Diplomatic pouch
DOT Department of Transportation
EDI Electronic Data Interchange
ETA Estimated Time of Arrival
FAA Federal Aviation Administration
FAS Free Along Side
FDAV Found mail document AV-7
FDAW Found airwaybill
FDCA Found cargo
FDCD Found cargo documents
FOB Free on Board
FRAV First available flight
FRC Frozen cargo
FTK Freight Tonne Kilometer
FWD Forward
GBL Government bill of lading
GCR General commodity Rates
GMT Greenwich Mean Time
GUN Gun and ammunition
HAZMAT Hazardous Materials
HEA Heavy cargo
HK Holding confirmed
HS Sold
HUM Human remains in coffin
IATA International Air Transport Association
ICAO Int'l Civil Aviation Organization
ICE Dry ice
IGL Igloo
IRP Irregularity
ISO Int'l Organization for Standardization
JIT Just in Time
KG Kilogram
KK Confirming
LC Letter of Credit
LTL Less Than Truck Load
MAG Magnetic or magnetize
ML Mail
MSAV Missing mail document AV-7
MSAW Missing airwaybill
MSCA Missing cargo
MSCD Missing cargo documents
NES Not elsewhere Specified
NIL No laod
NOCN No connection
NOREC No record
NTSB National Transportation Safety board
NWP Newspapers, Magazines
OAG Official Airline Guide
ORM Other Regulated Material
OVCD Overcarried
PAX Passenger(s)
PER Perishable cargo
PP Charges prepaid
PRTL Partial
PU&D Pick-up and delivery
RAC Reserved aircargo
RCM Corrosive material
REX Explosive
RFG Flammable compressed gas
RFL Flammable liquid
RFS Road Feeder Servic
RFS Flammable sollid
RMT Reference my telex
RNG Non-flammable compressed gas
ROP Organic peroxide
RPB Poison Class B
RPC Poison Class C
RRA Radioactive material Class1
RRB Radioactive material Class2
RRC Radioactive material Class3
SASPO Soon as possible
SBC Stand by cargo
SCR Specific Commodity Rate
SED Shipper's Export Declaration
SHPR Shipper
SSPD Short shipped
SSR Special service request
STA Scheduled time of arrival
STD Scheduled time of departure
SUR Surface
TACM Transit Air Cargo Manifest
TACT The Air Cargo Tariff
TRM Tranfer manifest
ULD Unit Load Device
UTC Coordinated Universal Time
VAL Valuables
VOWT Volume weight
WAD World Aviation Directory